Tren de la Noche


On the right, Pájaro del Trueno sea grape wine.
On the left Tren de la Noche made from Scarlett and Hog plums.
Inspired by some of the greatest wines that ever coursed through the bloodstreams of the the most tight-fistedly discerning wine snobs. Comes with our cast-iron, three-star plunger guarantee: it’ll get you where you want to be, or you get another bottle free. Brought to you by WhiskyTango Labs, where we say: “To Hell with Thirst.”

Sea Grape Wine


Last year was a bounty for the sea grapes at Surfer Beach. Liz collected and froze about 8lbs worth. Here’s the recipe the boffins up at WhiskyTango labs came up with.

What has happened:
1. Freeze sea grapes for at least 3 days.
2. Store frozen sea grapes at Chernobyl for 8 months.
3. Boil two gallons of water, add 3lbs of sugar. Pour hot mix over grapes.
4. Let cool. Mash sea grapes with me fingers. Add yeast nutrient. Let sit.
5. Pitch yeast and cover for a few days.
6. Transfer to gallon jugs with air locks. Let sit for months

What will happen:
7. Siphon off from sediment into fresh jugs. Possibly pitch more yeast/sugar to increase hammer-time factor.
8. Transfer to wine bottles and cork.
9. Let sit. The longer you let fruit wine sit, the less it tastes like fruit wine and the more like grape wine, I’m told. I figure 8 months total.
10. Yields wine or vinegar.

Coming up from WhiskyTango Labs: Scarlett plum wine, Hog plum wine (or a mix of both). And this fall the Lab is proud to announce its Mutant IPA: a highly hopped pale ale. Guaranteed to get you where you want to be.

If anyone has any wine bottles or gallon jugs, the Lab can use them. Thanks!