Catch Jerry Chile 2015

CatchJerryChile15Last year, the Catch Jerry Chile organization raised enough cash to buy an Auto Vent, and a vital-signs monitoring defibrillator.

This year’s five mile Fun Run will be held Saturday May 2, 6:30am from the cork tree in James Cistern to Governor’s Harbour Airport and back. Entry fee is 20 bucks and you get a cool green t-shirt.

This year’s proceeds are going toward purchasing a jaws of life and to aid promising young scholars in the Central Eleuthera primary and secondary schools.

What, you say you can’t make the Fun Run? No worries. Donations are accepted. Check with JC Discount in Gregory Town for entry forms and donations.

Speaking of donations, Miska Clarke, CJC founder recently asked: “What’s up with you folks up in the back there? We’re looking for your support.” Meaning us’n in Eleuthera Island Shores. He then applied enough pressure to get me to beat the Surfer’s Beach bush for donations.

So I’ll be making the rounds.


A mongrel bunch.

Shred Waxes Nostalgic And Other Action Pics

Digital Tomatoes


The Farm Division up at WhiskyTango Labs has been burning the midnight oil to turn out the world’s first digital tomatoes, and wireless sweet peppers. This seasons efforts have been a total failure, though the end result was delicious. Keep up the good work lads!

The Adventures of Shredlock Jones, Chapter 1

Small horrible murmurings floated through the balmy sunshine. Butterflies with possible bad intent hovered over questionable flowers as our hero Shredlock Jones hacked at thick jungle bush from the seat of his golf cart.

“Wait, I think I see something”, he said as as his crack team of adventurers sipped icy cold Kaliks. “Careful honey”, his nubile assistant Dari said, “don’t fall down and hurt yourself.”

With one swift stroke of his cutlass, Shredlock and his team looked down upon ruins, old, maybe, as ancient Rome. “No one believed me when I said I’d find these haunted ruins… nincompoops… “


Ben Bay 4 March 2015

Dari, Shred, Pepper dawg, Petey dawg, and yours truly. ¬†Swarms of fish like I’ve never seen, including a large parrot fish, sting ray, snappers, grunts, possible large permit (waiting on Shred’s photos), and so many more fish!


When I was a young man, I got a job as a union laborer helping to build the casino/hotel complexes in Atlantic City. Back then, the trade unions were only just beginning to be integrated, but the Laborers Union was a black union. I was one of the few white boys in a black union. It was cool.

My first job was building Bally’s. I was on a crew of guys whose foreman was named Smoker.
Leonard “Smoker” Goins was his name. He was from the south, and had headed north, and had experienced a majority of the country’s bigotry. Smoker was known for shouting “That’s right!”. Smoker, we going for coffee? That’s right!
He called joints, left-handed cigarettes, or Christmas Cigarettes. He was kind-hearted and totally unforgettable.
Smoker was a country boy through and through and he could sing. He used to say, one of these days I’m going to bring my guitar in and show you youngbloods what it is all about.
He did. On a day that I had the bad timing to call out sick. It was a Fender Strat with a small amp, He sang the blues like you wouldn’t believe, my pal Johnno told me. I was told, as I cried, cried bitter tears at the bar days later.
It had been Smoker’s last day. I never saw him again. Never got to ask for an encore.

Coastal Scenes Feb 2015

Bubble Beach, Campfire Beach, Refrigerators, Reefer Reef, ¬†Surfer’s, all the usual spots.