Soul Signs II

Chapter Two. Here’s some signs near Gregory Town.

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Signs of Eleuthera

The soulful hand-painted signs of Eleuthera. I’m crazy about them. I’ve barely scratched the surface. More to come.

Ben Bay 4 March 2015

Dari, Shred, Pepper dawg, Petey dawg, and yours truly.  Swarms of fish like I’ve never seen, including a large parrot fish, sting ray, snappers, grunts, possible large permit (waiting on Shred’s photos), and so many more fish!

Shred’s Shark Gallery

Shred Hathorne is an avid and excellent wildlife photographer. The first photo shows a group of feeding nurse sharks, with an approaching bull shark. The next photo shows a big bull shark, and lastly a large sand tiger with his ‘cuda buddy. The first two shots are from Cape Eleuthera, the last from Cocodimama beach.

Shred, Barracuda, Shark

Newly-married ace WhiskyTango photog Shred Hathorne along with pal Peter Scott went for a photo dive down by Cocodimama. Shred started swimming after a sizeable ‘cuda which suddenly turned and swam back towards him. Shred thought, cool! Peter, however, saw otherwise and started gargling the word “shark” through his snorkel. Two of them: male and female sand tigers.

Winter Sunrise

January 24 2015