Indo Report

Our ace globetrotting reporter Danni sent these photos of her recent, years-long excursion to Indo. She says:

“The boats are on a seaweed farm (local people have their own little plots where they plant and harvest seaweed) and the wave pics are in Ceningan Island, the horse and buggy, (called a Cidomo in Bahasa) is from Lombok, as well as the lady in the market.”

The horse and buggy shot had me very excited, but, alas, she didn’t include it. What’s up wit dat Granny? Look for an update soon. Danni is now residing in the frozen wastelands of Chicago.

Poor frozen granny
She fancies southern climates
For now Chicago

Edit: Got my horse and buggy shot. Nothing beats a good horse and buggy shot.


Fishing At Long Bight

Ant caught a strange fish
Toothy thing and ugly too
Soon sent on his way