Second Annual Gregory Town Fishing Tournament


For those that missed it, last year’s inaugural Gregory Town Fishing Tournament featured large fishes, prizes, swag, boozing, fish-frying, good times, sponsors, fundraising, and other stuff that I forgot.

Through the mighty efforts of the highly-skilled local fisherman and the generosity or our local sponsors (Jimmy’s, da Perk, Unca Gene’s, WhiskyTango Labs,…) we raised enough moola to get the Gregory Town School a copier/printer/scanner.

Ms. Clarke graciously accepted the new device, just in time for the new school year and the influx of young scholars and hard-working teachers.

The date has been set for the second annual: Saturday, February 11, 2017. We are looking for sponsors. All funds go toward supporting Gregory Town School. Which, by the way has a list of needs if anyone is curious…

Special thanks to Ms. Amanda, without whom me and Boyd would still be sitting around soaking up booze, and talking about having a fishing tournament.