Gregory Town Fishing Tournament 2016

The Gregory Town Fishing Tournament is being revived, in the name of fun, and to raise funds to benefit local institutions. This year’s proceeds will be spent directly on supplies for Gregory Town School.


To participate you must register on Friday February 12 between 3pm and 8pm at Unca Gene’s in Gregory Town. Registration fee is $10. Registration the day of the tournament is $15. All potential prize winners must be caught on Saturday February 13 between dawn and 3pm. Rain date is Sunday February 14.

Weigh in runs between 3 and 5pm February 13th at Gregory Town dock. Unca Gene’s after party features drink specials, good grub, and open mic musical entertainment.

Prizes will be awarded in these categories:

– Heaviest fish caught by hook and line from shore
– Heaviest fish caught by hook and line from a boat
– Heaviest fish speared
– Largest amount of lionfish caught by any method


Fish must be caught between dawn and 3pm on February 13, 2016.
No bonefish, sharks, rays, Nassau grouper, nor jabberwockies.
Tie breaker: fish length.

Stay tuned for further information about prizes, boat charters, and more.