Catch Jerry Chile 2015

CatchJerryChile15Last year, the Catch Jerry Chile organization raised enough cash to buy an Auto Vent, and a vital-signs monitoring defibrillator.

This year’s five mile Fun Run will be held Saturday May 2, 6:30am from the cork tree in James Cistern to Governor’s Harbour Airport and back. Entry fee is 20 bucks and you get a cool green t-shirt.

This year’s proceeds are going toward purchasing a jaws of life and to aid promising young scholars in the Central Eleuthera primary and secondary schools.

What, you say you can’t make the Fun Run? No worries. Donations are accepted. Check with JC Discount in Gregory Town for entry forms and donations.

Speaking of donations, Miska Clarke, CJC founder recently asked: “What’s up with you folks up in the back there? We’re looking for your support.” Meaning us’n in Eleuthera Island Shores. He then applied enough pressure to get me to beat the Surfer’s Beach bush for donations.

So I’ll be making the rounds.


A mongrel bunch.