The Art of the Deal

I’ve added this post from contributor and South Jersey fishmeister Chris Boyd. Looking forward to much more from Chris in the future.

When Andy asked me to write a blog for his new website I was really stoked. Then I remembered I don’t write, so bear with me.

There’s two things that I really love to do. Fishing and make art. It just so happens I can combine the two, literally. Gyotaku, translated means fish rubbing in Japanese. It’s a method of painting and pressing paper onto a fish. Centuries ago, Japanese fishermen brought paper and ink with them. This was a way to record and keep records of there catch. Today it has become a popular art form. Go to any art gallery on the coast and you might see a Gyotako artist work displayed there.

I want to start out by saying I have no training in art. I watched a fishing show and a father and son bought home a couple of Tuna’s. They made a few fish prints and I was blown away.

So, I went out and bought paper, ink and brushes. I forgot to buy the trashcan. For every 10 prints I made I threw out 8, and the 2 I kept weren’t that great. This was three years ago. I know what the words persistent and patience mean now. So, the garage got cleaned out, shelves and work benches were constructed. My drafting table was reassembled, sink at the ready (for washing off the fish). Oh, I forgot. I live with my fianc√© and her two girls. They sometimes prefer that I’m out there. “In Depth” Fish Prints was born.

I’ll call this part one of trying to make it as an artist. I’ll always try to add a picture that pertains. Next time I’ll write about selling, art shows , and galleries.

Thanks for reading,

Shred Waxes Nostalgic And Other Action Pics

Digital Tomatoes


The Farm Division up at WhiskyTango Labs has been burning the midnight oil to turn out the world’s first digital tomatoes, and wireless sweet peppers. This seasons efforts have been a total failure, though the end result was delicious. Keep up the good work lads!

The Adventures of Shredlock Jones, Chapter 1

Small horrible murmurings floated through the balmy sunshine. Butterflies with possible bad intent hovered over questionable flowers as our hero Shredlock Jones hacked at thick jungle bush from the seat of his golf cart.

“Wait, I think I see something”, he said as as his crack team of adventurers sipped icy cold Kaliks. “Careful honey”, his nubile assistant Dari said, “don’t fall down and hurt yourself.”

With one swift stroke of his cutlass, Shredlock and his team looked down upon ruins, old, maybe, as ancient Rome. “No one believed me when I said I’d find these haunted ruins… nincompoops… “


Glass Window BBQ Joint

Holy Sweet Mither Jesus I am looking forward to taking my guitar to and getting hammered at this establishment.

Ben Bay 4 March 2015

Dari, Shred, Pepper dawg, Petey dawg, and yours truly. ¬†Swarms of fish like I’ve never seen, including a large parrot fish, sting ray, snappers, grunts, possible large permit (waiting on Shred’s photos), and so many more fish!

Shred’s Shark Gallery

Shred Hathorne is an avid and excellent wildlife photographer. The first photo shows a group of feeding nurse sharks, with an approaching bull shark. The next photo shows a big bull shark, and lastly a large sand tiger with his ‘cuda buddy. The first two shots are from Cape Eleuthera, the last from Cocodimama beach.

Shred, Barracuda, Shark

Newly-married ace WhiskyTango photog Shred Hathorne along with pal Peter Scott went for a photo dive down by Cocodimama. Shred started swimming after a sizeable ‘cuda which suddenly turned and swam back towards him. Shred thought, cool! Peter, however, saw otherwise and started gargling the word “shark” through his snorkel. Two of them: male and female sand tigers.