Ray and Paulette’s Shack of Love

Getting it’s paint on. These painter’s might not know how to swing a paintbrush very well, but their Mommas still love them. Brought to you by Plug Ugly Painters. Left to right: Ladderman, Speed, and Glow.

Culmer Furniture

Picked up my deck chairs from Mr. Culmer in North Palmetto Point. These chairs are comfortable and would survive thermonuclear devastation. You can reach Arnold Culmer at 242-553-6188/arnold_culmer@yahoo.com.

Winter Sunrise

January 24 2015

Whale Point

Whale Point is a good place for a bike ride. Danielle and I also made a stop at the Queen’s Baths.

Gregory Town Uber Alles

After winning the 2014 Junkanoo, Gregory Town did a victory lap in town.